Peter Sahui’s Website

Hello, I'm Peter Sahui.

I'm an MBA student, due to graduate in 2017. I'm eager to learn about entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the skills I'll need to run a business - management, marketing, and corporate strategy. Previously, I worked as an investment research analyst, where I analysed complex situations, incorporating economic and industry trends, a company’s financial reports, and movements in financial markets. If you’d like to contact me about a professional opportunity, you can reach out here on LinkedIn.

I'm a writer. At law school I won second prize for a piece about the politicisation of court cases (reprinted nationally), and also contributed a column on student life to a national magazine, Lawyers Weekly. I write fiction – you can find one of my short stories on and other quality online stores. I’m also a blogger. Since 2010, I’ve written about strategy games, storytelling, and soundtracks at my site, Matchsticks for my Eyes. It currently draws 5,000-6,000 hits a month.